See the KITP Social Wiki for lots of ideas, and please join it if you'd like to contribute!

Our social activity coordinators for the program will be Doerte Blume (for the first three weeks) and Gerrit Groenenboom (for the remainder of the program).

Goleta beach BBQ lunch, Wednesday December 14, 12:00pm

We have reserved group area C, we can walk there from KITP in about 10 minutes.
We will organize the BBQ ourselves, a preliminary estimate of the cost is $10.
Please send a message to if you want to join, and indicate your drink preference (beer, soda, or water).
We will need the information by Tuesday morning.

Link to Goleta beach, Area C

Previous dinners and activities:

Information: Christmas Parades

Saturday, December 10th: on Hollister avenue, see

Sunday December 11th: Santa Barbara Parade of Lights, see


Beach hike to Santa Barbara, Saturday December 10, 11:00am

Tide chart Santa Barbara

If you want to join the beach hike to Santa Barbara, please send a message to Gerrit Groenenboom
We will depart from KITP at 11:00am, which will give us four hours of low tide, which should be enough to make it to Santa Barbara. We can have a drink there, and take the bus back. The weather forecast says partly cloudy, highest temperature 18 C, 65 F. Consider bringing something to drink and eat.

Dinner week 5, Wednesday December 6, 6:00pm at Opal restaurant 1325 State St, Santa Barbara

Please send a message to Gerrit ( if you want to join. Let me know whether you need a ride, or have a car and can give other people a ride.

We will have a 3 course dinner:
starting with a "Mixed Gourmet Greens" salad,

three choices for the main course:
1) "Wild Mushroom Stuffed Checken Breast on Fresh Herb Risotto"
2) "Homemade Basis Fettuccine with Sauteed Tiger Shrimp"
3) "Vegetable Napoleon with a Gorgonzola Potato Cake and Wild Mushrooms"

and two choices for dessert.

The price is $37 + 8% tax + 20% gratuity (about $48), and drinks are not included.
Please bring cash if possible, so we can minimize the number of credit cards to process.

Bike ride to Santa Barbara, Saturday December 3, 2:30pm.

Since the tide will not be suitable for a beach hike to Santa Barbara before Saturday December 10th (noon), I propose a bike ride to Santa Barbara this Saturday. Let me know if you want to join, leaving at 2:30pm from KITP (main entrance) (
It will take a little more than an hour to reach Santa Barbara using trails and secondary roads. That should leave time for a drink and returning around sun set. It is possible to take up to two bikes on the bus. Bike rental is possible at, e.g., Isla Vista bicycles

Dinner week 4, Wednesday November 30, 6:30pm at Pepe's Mexican Restaurant, Goleta

Please send a message to Gerrit ( if you want to come.
Also, please let me know whether you will need a ride, or if you go by car or bike (13 minutes from KITP), how many people you can take along.

Address: 254 Orange Ave, Goleta, CA 93117

The dinner during week 3 of the program will take place on TUESDAY, 11/22, at 6.30pm at
Zenyai Thai Cuisine. 425 State St. in Santa Barbara.

Meet at 5.45pm at the entrance area of the KITP.

The following individuals have volunteered to drive (thank you!): Olivier (5), Chris (5), Eite/Svetlana (5), Alejandro Kievsky (4), Guido (4), Doerte (5). Drivers, please make sure you know where the restaurant is and look for public parking nearby.
We've 22 people signed up - so, we have enough cars! Note, for the way back, we may re-organize since not everybody is going back to the KITP/Goleta... We'll figure it out...

Thanksgiving beach hike, Thursday, 11/24, meet at 9.30am.

Please let Doerte ( know if you want to go (we currently have one car).

bring lunch/snacks and water

FYI: low tide is around 1pm on Thursday...

Refugio Beach

How to get there:

Take US 101 north.

Travel about 40 miles northbound. Take the Refugio Exit.

Turn left and park under the freeway overpass. Parking here is free. You can park inside the campground, too, but it is not free.

Description of the hike:

Begin this hike at the snack bar at the beach, or just to the left of it, to the left of the little lagoon. Sometimes you have to get your feet a little wet trying to cross the little lagoon, but you can avoid it walking through the campground.

Head East (or southbound — we Santa Barbarans are very confused about direction.) Basically, head back in the direction of Santa Barbara.

There is not much to say about this hike. You're just walking along the beach. There are a couple of points that are tricky to navigate. The first one looks nearly impossible. Your choice is to either run through the surf (that's why you should always check for a low tide on these beach hikes), or to climb the rocks. The climb is pretty scary. The water is pretty wet.

The second point that looks impossible really is. It is here that you will need to head up to the bike path that parallels the beach. It's quite handy because just before you come to this impossible point the bike path dips low and there's an access up a little paved road. There is an amusing warning sign, too. I took a picture of it once, but it wasn't printed. Was it some kind of military secret or something?

Now you just follow the bike path until you reach the next obvious spot to go back to the beach. If you don't find an obvious spot, or you just like walking the bike path, you can continue along it. It ends at a group camp and parking lot at the westernmost edge of El Capitan State Beach campground. You can follow the bike path until you reach an obvious little path leading down to the day use parking and the snack shop. You can walk down to the beach here too and stop to use the facilities.

If you keep going along the beach, or along the walkway along the beach toward the rocky point, that is where the fat, pink starfish are. They are really fat and interesting. You can go as far as you like, or stop at one of the picnic tables for lunch. Eventually you will come to a creek that is a little hard to cross sometimes. You can see the un-developed beach stretching all the way to Goleta.

On your way back you can take a detour through the bushes at the picnic tables. The little trail takes you into a grove of enormous sycamore and oak trees that people have carved their names in for decades. Although I don't like graffiti, the carvings are interesting. And the trees are awesomely enormous. The little grove is very cool, shady and refreshing, too, after all that sun.

To return it is usually wise to make your way back up to the bike path at some point. By now, if you started at low tide, the tide should be starting to come back up, and many of the easier points you were able to dart around will be difficult to get by. It's best to take the first chance back to the bike path. It's actually quite nice to walk along. You can be just even with the V-shaped flocks of pelicans riding the air along the cliff. Maybe you will see the train go by, too.

When you return to Refugio campground you can either find a path back down to the beach or just follow the road. It's not too hard to find the way back to your car. The campground is pretty small.

All in all, you will have gone about 4 to 5 pleasant miles.

Please join us on Sunday, 11/20, for some Jazz, namely "The Larry Fuller Trio". The show starts at 1pm, doors open at 12.30pm. Tickets are $25 and can ONLY be purchased at the door. So, if you are interested, please let me know (I'll be happy to get in line early).
Thanks, Doerte (

This week's dinner has been scheduled for Wednesday, 11/16, at 6.30pm in Downtown Santa Barbara. The Restaurant is called "The Palace Grill". It's located at 8 E. Cota Street (drivers: please make sure you know where you're going...).
As for transportation (we have enough cars, provided people do not change their mind...):
Olivier will leave 5 minutes after the end of the tag-team talks (meet at KITP entrance). His car will take Matt Eiles, Fabien Gatti, Peng Zhang, and Shina Tan.
Everybody else will meet at 5.30pm at the KITP entrance. Drivers are Chris Greene, Paul Julienne, Peter Schmelcher and Doerte Blume, totaling 5+5+2 or 3 +5=17or 18. We have 16 people signed up... So, please don't leave unless you have a full car...

To all who signed up for the Wed. dinner: We meet on Wed., 11/09, at 6.15pm in the lobby of the KITP to walk to the Beachside Bar Cafe. I made a reservation for 21 people and we can unfortunately not go over this limit... We will be seated inside (not outside). For questions, please talk to Doerte (in person or by email,

Sunday, Nov. 13: meet at 8am at the traffic round-about in front
of the KITP for a HIKING TRIP!

Please contact Doerte (in person or by email at We need to make sure that we have sufficiently many cars... Currently, we have one car, which translates into 5 seats...

Gaviota Peak Trail is a 6.3 mile moderately trafficked out and back trail located near Gaviota, CA that features hot springs and is rated as moderate. The trail is primarily used for hiking, walking, nature trips, and birding and is accessible year-round.

bring plenty of water
bring sun screen
bring lunch/snacks

From Santa Barbara, drive North on Highway 101 for about 37 miles to
the exit marked Highway 1/Lompoc. At the top of the exit ramp, take a
hard right and go about a quarter mile to the parking area marked
Gaviota State Park. There is a fee of $2 to park (this may have changed
in the last few years...).

The trail starts out just above sea level and climb over 2000 feet to the
peak at 2458'. Hike east from the parking lot on the unpaved road and
follow the trail to a junction with the Trespass Trail. Stay left and
continue to a stream crossing. There is another junction here. The right
fork will take you to the Gaviota Hot Springs. The left fork continues
up the peak. Advice: hit the hot springs on the way back.
The trail continues steadily up with several switchbacks to the
NF boundary. Continue on the trail till you reach a metal gate and take
the right fork to reach the final ridge to the peak. Gaviota Peak Trail
Final ridge to Gaviota Peak summit.
Return on the same trail to the hot springs and back to the car.

external image hikers_20161113_101132.jpg
Happy hard-working hikers hovering at 800 meters on the Gaviota Peak Trail.

Area Restaurants

Arnoldi's Cafe - Little Italian restaurant in historic stone building from 1930's with seating and bocce ball out back.

Beachside Bar & Cafe, down the hill from KITP overlooking Goleta beach.

The Boathouse - Seafood place right on Hendry's beach.

Brewhouse - Pretty much what you expect - beer and hearty food. For large groups, they require a pre-selected menu with only 4 entree choices.

Carlitos - Nice Mexican restaurant on State Street.

Edomasa - Sushi.

Olio Pizzeria - Highest rated pizza place in town, but kind of pricey (up to $20 for individual pie).

Opal - California/Fusion.

Trattoria Vittoria - Italian. Will only take large groups either early (before 5:30) or late (after 8:00).

Hiking around Santa Barbara

Local Events


The Met: Live in HD

  • The Metropolitan Opera broadcasts HD simulcasts of operas to movie theaters all over the world. The live performances are Saturday matinees in New York, so they start here at 9:55am and are shown locally at the historic Arlington Theater in downtown SB and, in a smaller venue at Hahn Hall at the Music Academy of the West in Montecito. It will be rebroadcast again at Hahn Hall at 6:00pm on Saturday and at 2:00pm on Sunday.

Jazz & Folk Music

  • SB has but one place that features jazz and folk: SOhO Restaurant & Music Club .They have decent food if you want to eat before/during a performance.

Sport Activities

  • If you are interested in swimming/running/weightlifting or playing some sports like table tennis or soccer, you may wish to join UCSB's Recreation Center. KITP visitors pay the Community rate.

Santa Barbara Theaters